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avui no podem fer res més que rendir-nos davant l’evidència en tres aspectes. Primer, que cada dia hi ha més i més gent que llegeix aquest blog. Segom, que aquesta gent cada dia deixa més comentaris. I tercer, que aquests comentaris són a vegades més interessants que els posts!

Gràcies a tots pels comentaris sobre l’escola de dansa de’n Dani. Els que heu vingut a un concert, sabeu de què parlem, els que no… haureu de venir! De moment ens agradaria compartir i publicar com a post les cartes que els ex-professors de’n Dani li han fet arribar. Thank you so much guys!

My dearest pupil Daniel,
I was so proud of you the other night you played in Vidreres. Your moves, your lightness, so sensual… It seems that you don’t have your coordination problem anymore, of course you don’t, look at your friends, at the stage, moving as professional as you, so determined… I think ain’t got nothing else to teach you, you’ve learnt everything from me, my tears ran down my face just like the first time I went to see ballet.

Kisses and best wishes for you and all you artistic friends
Leopolda Gleonard,
your classic dance teacher


My worthy pupil Daniel,
I can see as Leopolda has already said it to you, we are very proud of you in the school, still the problems that you could have some time ago.
And it is more a pleasure, see as you have converted to a great choreographer, teaching so technical, free and sooo sensual movements as those that your friends made in the choreography. It is a pity that you could not demonstrate your advances too.
We would like that you could visit us in once, because you highlighted the difference in our hearts for your enormous dancing desire and the feelings that you put on having done it.
Though Leopolda does not want to admit it, the first time when we weep on having seen to dance someone, it was with Billy Elliot’s movie, though she cannot say it as professional that is.

Encouragement with your projects!

Martha Breakfast,
your contemporary’s teacher.

p.d. we have commented on your evolution with Leopolda and other teachers of the school and we all agree.
p.d.2. If you allow me an advice, the left sector of the public is usually the most grateful and faithful public. ;)
p.d.3. As you can see, I have divorced and my surname already is not Miss. Bed.

Molt gran!
PD: Per cert, avui sortim al Diari Avui!

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